India rises to 101 in FIFA rankings, highest ever in two decades


Indian football team has done it. After the stunning wins over Cambodia and Myanmar, the Blue Tigers have achieved their millennium high rank of 101 in FIFA World Rankings. India jumped 31 places from its last rank of 132nd in the previous month.

India have won 11 of last 13 matches, including India’s recent 1-0 victory over Myanmar in the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers – their first-ever in Myanmar in over 64 years.. Amongst the teams from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), India have risen 8 places to be 11th amongst 46 teams, with Iran ranked 28th internationally, leading the pack.

The rankings leave India in an optimum position to penetrate the top 100, as they last did in February 1996, rising to 94.

“On a personal note, the joy is a little more given this is the highest ranking we’ve achieved during my time playing for the nation. But while we should celebrate every success, big or small, we also need to realize that the real test begins now,” said India captain Sunil Chhetri.

“In my opinion, rankings are a very fickle measurement of one’s success and it is best to not get carried away by it. You lose one game, you slide down 40 places, you win one, and you climb up 50.

“The real achievement will be when we cling on to this position or better it over the next three to four years. We will need to play more games with better opponents and keep performing well consistently at home and more importantly, away,” Chhetri said.

India will next play Lebanon in an International Friendly at home on June 7 before hosting Kyrgyzstan on June 13 in its next AFC Asian Cup qualifier match.

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