Praneeth’s post-match gesture for Srikanth will melt every Indian’s heart


On a historic day for Indian badminton where two Indians locked horns in a super series final, Sai Praneeth’s post-match gesture towards training partner K. Srikanth was applauded by fans not only in the arena but sports fans worldwide.

After emerging victorious at Singapore Super Series against compatriot Kidambi Srikanth, B Sai Praneeth ran up to fans to take Indian flag to celebrate and he asked for 2! One for himself and another for his opponent for the day Kidambi Srikanth. After he got hold of the flags, he went to his countryman on court and handed a flag to him.

Instead of revelling and celebrating his personal achivement, he took time to console his training partner. Both the finalists celebrated India’s victory on world stage.

IMG_20170417_174920These kind of heart-warming actions, are rare in international circuit. It was a proud moment for all Indians to watch two Indian players at the podium, both covered by the national flag.

After the match an overwhelmed Sai Praneeth said,

“It’s always difficult to play someone with whom you play everyday. I am very happy to win today. The way I played in the tournament, I’m very happy. The support here for the Indians has also been very nice.”

[Pic: BadmintonPhoto]

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